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Mid Atlantic Champs - Class of 2022

Comets Tournament

(TEAM LIST BRACKETS Now POSTED 5/26 Hotels, Sites/Addresses, Rules)


Comets Tournament (Hotels, Updated Team List, Sites/Addresses, Rules)

Comets Basketball

The COMETS are a non-profit girls basketball club started in the mid 1980's by Renee Pierangeli and John Gallagher.   The club continued to grow under long time NBA referee Joey Crawford, current Notre Dame coach Linda Genther , her husband, long time coach at Cardinal O'Hara Chris Genther and Carroll head coach Renie Shields..   The main objective that began back then, has continued through today.

The COMETS strive to provide quality basketball instruction and superior competition for females from ages 9 to 17. These young ladies compete against teams from around the country, and continue to thrive at college exposure events and Nationals. Since the very beginning, the COMETS have created a reputation for fielding groups  of hard-working, fun-loving,  highly competitive and really talented teams.

Currently the COMETS boast 35+ girls playing college basketball, and over 300 former players receiving college scholarships. Our priority continues to be development through instruction and EXPOSURE by participating in the MAJOR College Viewing tournaments. Our instruction comes from the best coaches in the area. 

The 2017 version of the COMETS promises to be no different!

Coaches 2017:

John McFadden - former Rutgers player and coach,  asst coach Cherokee High School/HOF Cardinal O'Hara
Joe Genther  - coach @Sts. Simon and Jude)
Art Dreger - coach @Monsignor Bonner
Kyle Meakim - coach @St. Bernadette
Nate Andrisani - coach @St. Anastasia

Renie Shields -  coach @Arch Carroll High/SJU-Atlantic 10 HOF
Linda Genther -  coach @Notre Dame Academy/ Rider HOF
Chris Genther - coach @Cardinal O'Hara High
Joe Crawford - Director of NBA officiating
Mike Pearson - Coach@St. MAx (Arch champions)
Matt Githens - coach @Cardinal O'Hara  High
Ky McNichol  - coach @Springfield High High
Kacy McNichol - coach @Harriton High High
Chris Gardler  -  coach @Marple Newtown High/Gardler clinics
Erin Shields - coach @Carroll High /former SJU player
Leah Shumoski - coach @Upper Merion High 
Kate Rinaldi - coach @Upper Merion High 
Erin Peterson - former player @Cabrini Hall of Famer 
Mark Lange  - coach @St. Anastasia School
Chris Santori - coach @Norristown High
Allison Weiss  - coach @Strath Haven High
Annie Till - coach @St. Anastasia/former LaSalle player
Chris D'Ambrosio  -  coach @St. Francis
Maureen Rullo  - Former player Drexel University
Jen MacNeill - Former player Drexel University
Shana Foody - Springfield HOF
Bridget Borgese - former player @Dickinson  
Chuck Hammond - former college coach/AD Goldey-Beacom 



Comets Girls Basketball

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