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Mid Atlantic Champs - Class of 2022

Comets Alumni Giving 2017

Thank You to those families who have donated to the Comets Alum Giving 2017 - we are so very grateful. 

Danielle Callahan Family
Jenn/Jess/Julie Carney Family
Mary Gedaka Family
Maggie McIntyre Family
Paige Warfel Family
Lexi Stover Family
Coley Ricci Family
Meg Hubley Family
Rachel Ryan Family
Kristen Hinckley Family
Kiernan McCloskey Family
Bailey Greenberg Family
Hannah Nihill and Family
Shannon McFadden Stefanski Family
Gabby Capuzzi Family 
Libby Tacka Family
Elodie Furey Family


Comets Alumni Annual Giving Fund - 2017

COMETS ALUMNI PLAYERS and PARENTS ANNUAL FUND - 2017 Hello to our alum parents, friends, players and business associates. We are asking for contributions to our general fund to help with gym rental/insurance costs for our program as well as assisting players. We currently have 17 Comets Teams ranging from 4th grade to 11th grade. Any donation is 100% tax deductible. (no donation is too small or too big) Our mission has remained the same over the past 35 years; to provide a highly competitive basketball outlet for female student athletes. Our program encompasses ages 9 through 17 and our players come from public, private and parochial schools in your communities. Many of our alumnae are currently playing at the collegiate level helped greatly by the exposure the Comets provided. Check out our Comets alumni list above - its quite impressive over the last 30+ years ! AS you can see our players are thriving at all levels. We are extremely proud of our program with close to 40 current Comets playing at the D1, D2 and D3 levels of college basketball. Our objective is to teach the concept of teamwork, experience the joy of competition, and provide the chance to develop skills on a high level. Most importantly, the Comets are all about the collection of memories and friends that will, indeed, last a lifetime. We are gearing up for the travel portion of the 2017 season and we hope that you will be able to help us. An investment in the youth of our community today will reap great dividends for our community in the future. We thank you, in advance, for any donation amount and your generosity. To Donate: 1. Click the link above through Paypal or credit card. 2. Checks can be made payable to COMETS and sent to: Comets 1132 Lindale Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026 or PayPal Name: Comets Girls Basketball Club We thank you in advance for your support that you all helped build into a nationally acclaimed girls basketball club. Thank YOU !!

Nicole Never Give Up Fight - update July 2017

Update July, 2017 - it is with great sadness that we let all know that Nicole has lost her fight with cancer.


Update June 27, 2017 - thank you to all who donated to Nicole Fight.  Nicole latest prognosis is not the best news.  Please pray for her family and in particular are 2 beautiful daughters.  We were able to make a generous donation towards Nicole Medical Expenses.. THANK YOU and please pray for this amazing woman and her family

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately we have received bad news. On Friday we discovered that Nicole's cancer has spread to her liver, the bone mets have grown, and she very likely has metastatic disease in the lining of her brain. Her oncologist on Friday suggested she has less than 6 months and there are really no other treatments that will help stop the cancer, although we suspect her time with us is much shorter. We had her admitted for symptom control this weekend and palliative care is helping. She will be started on Hospice tomorrow morning. She is extremely tired, and we are focusing on, as best we can, keeping her comfortable and giving her the best quality of time we can. We did tell the girls last night that we can't beat the cancer and "mommy is going to heaven." Nicole did an amazing job of, of course, leading the talk and carrying everyone through it. They are doing as well as can be expected during these times and seem to do better when we remain upbeat around them. We are taking things day by day, hour by hour. We will need continued support and help, however at any given time it can be difficult in the chaos of this awful disease to know what. If you are nearby and available, please feel free to leave on here your availability in the coming weeks, what you might be able to help with, and your number and if I need something I promise I will call. And lastly, if Nicole hasn't gotten back to you, it's due to this disease. She appreciates your messages and love, but doesn't have the ability right now to respond to everyone. Thank you.


Comets Basketball

The COMETS are a non-profit girls basketball club started in the mid 1980's by Renee Pierangeli and John Gallagher.   The club continued to grow under long time NBA referee Joey Crawford, current Notre Dame coach Linda Genther, her husband, long time coach at Cardinal O'Hara Chris Genther and Carroll head coach Renie Shields. The main objective that began back then, has continued through today.

The COMETS strive to provide quality basketball instruction and superior competition for females from ages 9 to 17. These young ladies compete against teams from around the country, and continue to thrive at college exposure events and Nationals. Since the very beginning, the COMETS have created a reputation for fielding groups  of hard-working, fun-loving,  highly competitive and really talented teams.

Currently the COMETS boast 40+ girls playing college basketball, and over 300 former players receiving college scholarships. Our priority continues to be development through instruction and EXPOSURE by participating in the MAJOR College Viewing tournaments. Our instruction comes from the best coaches in the area. 

The 2017 version of the COMETS promises to be no different!


Comets Girls Basketball

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