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Comets Tournament 2021

The Comets will host the 35th Annual Comets tournament on the following 2 dates in 2021 !!  Go away Covid 

June 5 - 6 - grades 3 to 8

June 19 - 20 - grades 9 to 11th

Comets Tryouts for 3rd to 8th start Jan 30 - Jan 31

The COmets Red tryouts for 3rd to 8th grade will begin Jan. 30 at Comp edge sports.  For all information and registration go to

Comets 2021 - Expectations/ Information

Fees:  (see below for details)    Total Cost to Play:        
$1200.00 for 4th grade to 8th grade teams
$1400.00 for 9th grade to 11th grade teams

Every girl who makes a Comets team is required to submit a fee of $300.00 (December) payable to COMETS to cover the 1st half of the season. This costs pays for all tournaments and uniform which consists of game shorts, home and away micro mesh jersey, practice pinnie, bag & shooting shirts, and cover gym rental fees and organization insurance for gyms and coaches.

The 2nd half of season:  Every player is required to pay a minimum of $900.00(younger teams) or $1200.00 (heavier travel teams) to cover the balance of the season   All balances will be due by mid March, otherwise player will not able to participate in tournaments. Coaches will distribute this paperwork.


Playing Time – It is our intention as an organization to compete in each game we play, utilizing all team members. With that being said, it’s important that practice sessions be considered as important as game day. Our coaches do a lot of teaching in our practice sessions. The weekend tournaments are the girls time to show that they are learning and improving. The girls WILL improve in team concepts and in individual skills. Please be supportive of their efforts. The Comets philosophy/intentions are each girl plays in every game. There are exceptions: they are the high exposure events.   At these tournaments, our coaches play TO WIN!


Parents Behavior - Our coaches are the corner-stone that make the Comets a nationally recognized and respected organization in club basketball. We feel we are very fortunate to have such great coaches who VOLUNTEER their time and efforts to the girls. We ask the girls as well as their parents to respect the coaches and display sportsmanship at all tournaments while representing OUR organization. The Comets are lucky enough to have over 100 cumulative years of basketball coaching/administrative experience from people that volunteer their time. Although we don’t have ALL the answers, we feel that our approach to the game and the kids is a healthy, fun and extremely successful one. We ask for all parents to be supportive of their team, coaches, and all players, including their own children. Please keep in mind that we are in a teaching/learning environment and WE ALL, as adults, need to be positive role models for these young ladies. Above all, this should be a positive, valuable experience for all of our players. We welcome all parents to contribute to that goal ! Players will be removed from teams if parents do not act in a manner the Comets feel is worthy.

Our season runs from March to July.  Younger grade groups (4th to 7th grades) normally finish in Mid June. July is college exposure tournaments for grades 8th through 11th. Teams that decide to travel for showcases/nationals will raise additional funds for the trip.

Teams practice anywhere from 2 to 3 times a week at various gyms throughout the area. Parents need to be flexible in regard to gyms. It is very difficult to acquire gym time so the location could be anywhere from a 10 minute drive to an 1 hour drive to practice.

Teams play an average of 7 to 10 tournaments on weekends beginning in April. The normal tournament schedule includes 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. Each tournament costs a MINIMUM of $550.00. Schedules will be given out by the coaches once tournament sign-ups are completed.

Comets Tournament –  The Comets HOPE to host 2 tournaments for 2020 – June 5th and 6th  will host the 34th annual for grades 4th to 9th and June 19th and 20th  will host d2/d3 showcase for 9th to 11th.  During the tournament all parents are expected to contribute their time and efforts for the operation of the tournament. Please set aside this weekend and plan on lending a ‘helping hand’ for both days. More details will be available as the tournament approaches.  The tournament is our largest fundraiser to cover most of our coaches expenses, practice equipment and insurance for all gyms.

Important to check our social media sites for changes to tryouts/practices:  email, twitter, facebook and Instagram all are updated.

All players will need to have an aau card to practice  (Players only)

AAU card instructions below and NCAA registration(only 8th to 11th) must be completed by parents


All players need AAU Card - here are the instructions on how to get an AAU Card and mandatory for insurance purposes.

EVERY PLAYER MUST HAVE A PLAYER AAU CARD to participate. Cost is 14.00 - no player can practice at one of our facilities which begin in March. Here are the instructions:


2. type of membership: girls basketball

3. REGULAR Coverage ($14.00)

4. 1 year membership

5. Assign to Comets Club Basketball - WYA9AE

6. rest is your daughter information. Once completed AAU will link the membership to our club. This will provide additional insurance for your daughter in case of injury.

(For teams 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th)

2.  All players must renew or sign up with the NCAA   (this is NCAA not US)


TIME FOR PLAYERS TO REGISTER for NCAA  -- please send this to all your players - -(please dont forward with my email....)   THEY MUST HAVE THIS DONE APRIL1 - or they don't get on a roster !!   DEADLINE is FIRM....


Please remember we are just the messenger here - BUT YOU MUST start the process of ATHLETE REGISTRATION

for NCAA Rules.....    all comets players must have this completed by April 1, 2020.  We will have to create NCAA rosters once all players are registered..and you will receive an invite to join the Comets on the NCAA dashboard after all players are registered.. (mandatory to play)   For all those players that played last year - this will be a renewal for you ... (scroll down to the renewal section)  FOR ALL FIRST timers who did not play in an ncaa event viewing date last year - you must follow the top instructions for first timers.


Here is the link:

Comets 2022 Verbals as of October 5th, 2020

Congratulations to our Class of 2022 who have made their college decisions:  (as of Oct 5th, 2020)

Gracie O'Neill - Drexel University

How to Get an AAU Card (Comets Insurance 2020)

All players need AAU Card - here are the instructions on how to get an AAU Card and mandatory for insurance purposes.

EVERY PLAYER MUST HAVE A PLAYER AAU CARD to participate. Cost is 14.00 - no player can practice at one of our facilities which begin in March. Here are the instructions:


2. type of membership: girls basketball

3. REGULAR Coverage ($14.00)

4. 1 year membership

5. Assign to Comets Club Basketball - WYA9AE

6. rest is your daughter information. Once completed AAU will link the membership to our club. This will provide additional insurance for your daughter in case of injury.  


Comets announce selection to Girls Under Armour Association

The Comets Girls Basketball Club, one of the most successful club teams in the country over the last 32 years is proud to announce a partnership with Under Armour. As an Under Armour sponsored program, the Comets will be a Charter Member of the Under Armour Association (UAA).

The UAA and its #unleashchaos campaign will sponsor leagues at the 17 & under, 16 & under, and 15 & under age groups. The circuit will have an online presence unparalleled by other shoe companies including player profiles, results, standings, and individual player statistics. As Under Armour enters the world of girls’ basketball their impact will be felt countrywide with an unmatched commitment to our program, the league, and all of the athletes involved.

We are excited to announce that 3 of our teams will be on the inaugural UAA circuit in 2019; class 2020s, 2021s, and 2022s. Teams involved will play a 10-game regular season schedule with two UAA regular season tournaments leading up to the UAA finals in Atlanta, Ga at the end of July.

This is a one of a kind opportunity that the Comets program is excited to be involved with that will benefit ALL Comets teams at every age group.  From apparel packages to event signage and the implementation of a branded website, the UAA will be a spring and summer basketball experience that will exceed what is offered by other shoe brands.

Our partnership with Under Armour and our presence in the UAA league will add an even greater opportunity for our players to prove themselves on a national level. In the last 4 years alone the Comets have sent 34+ players to division 1 schools and another 35+ players to division 2/3 schools to continue their basketball careers.  We look forward to maximizing exposure and continuing to create unforgettable opportunities for our players.

Give yourself the best opportunity to develop your skills, compete against the best and create memories that last a lifetime.    


Scholarship List/Schools

click here

Comets - Class of 2021

Congrats to the Class of 2021 - We Are Comets so very proud

Stephanie Kulesza - University of Massachusetts (Atlantic 10)
Alexa Therien   -  Boston University  (Patriot)
Grace Niekelski  - Dartmouth (IVY)
Dana Balasa   - University of Sciences (CACC) 
Amaris Baker - Kennesaw State University  (ASUN)
Alexis Abbonizio  -    West Chester University (PSAC)
Anna McTamney  -  University of Sciences (CACC)
Kaylie Griffin - St. Joseph's University  (Atlantic 10)
Siobhan Boylan - Marist College (MAAC)
Ny Whittingley - Delaware State University (MEAC)
Karlie Dougherty  - Temple (Lacrosse)
Sarah Eskew - Rider University (Cross Country)
Rachel Conran
Casey Lange
Ava Crawford - Shippensburg
Amanda Jackson - Houghton College
Allison Lindsey 
Izzy Casale
Faith Iacone

Comets - Class of 2020

Congratulations to our class of 2020   - WE ARE SO VERY PROUD !

Paige Lauder - Columbia University
Maddie Vizza - Northeastern University
Elle Stauffer - Harvard University
Erin Sweeney - Drexel University
Julie Kulesza - Bucknell University
Allie Lynch - Scranton University
Kathryn Greenhut - Catholic University
Kristen Curley - St.  Joseph's University
Sommer Reeser - Southeastern University
Carley Adams - East Stroudsbourg University
Maddie Grubb - Millersville University
Val McGriff -  Bloomsburg University
Sami Randazzo - Widener University
Steph Huseby  -  Mount St. Mary's University
Sarah White - Catholic University
Gianna DiMarco - College of New Jersey
Marie Kamper - Temple University
Hope Syron  -  Drexel University
Gabriella Alessandroni  - Penn State University


Comets Class of 2019

Congratulations to our class of 2019 - tThese girls have worked extremely hard developing their games - we are very proud of all them.  

Amanda McGurk - University of Pennsylvania
Alexa Brodie - Colgate University
Bri Borcky - Drexel University
Emily McAteer - Loyola University
Hetta Saatman - Drexel University
Ava Therien - Loyola University
Tori Abelson - Florida Atlantic University
Maggie Pina - Boston University
Kerri Patterson - University of Sciences
Harlem Jennings - University of Sciences
Emma Gochnauer -  Bloomsburg University


Comets Class of 2018

Maggie Connolly - Princeton University
Mackenzie Gardler - Villanova University
Maura Hendrixson - Drexel University
Meg Jonassen - Fordham University
Olivia Mason - Niagara University
Katie Mayock - St. Joseph's University
Kendall Keyes - University of Sciences
Katie Connolly - Drexel University
Cat Polisano - Fordham University
Molly Masciantonio - LaSalle University
Taylor Hamm - University of Sciences
Mary Kelly - Catholic University
Molly Paolino - Catholic University
Caela Russell - Chestnut Hill College
Emma Blewitt - Albright College

Comets Class of 2017

Hannah Nihill Drexel University
Sami Carangi Villanova University
Katie Jekot St. Joseph's University
Lizzie O'Leary University of Delaware
Lizzie Spindler Binghampton University
Mary Sheehan St. Joseph's University
Courtney Warley Manhatten College
Elodie Furey Cornell University
Julianna Clark Haverford College
Bridget BIrkhead Mount St. Mary's
CC Mooney Catholic University
Maddie Hahn Stevens Institute of Tech
Bridget Hoy Catholic University
Kate Lannon Cabrini University
Madison Haney Philadelphia University
Allison Dienes Albright University
Soph Grady Univ of South Carolina
Jill Kane Gwynned Mercy
Theresa Kearney Immaculata University

   Viki Kneis                      Eastern University


Comets Class of 2016

Kelly Jekot Villanova University
Mary Gedaka Villanova University
Maggie McIntyre Niagara University
Bailey Greenberg Drexel University
Steph Lesko Bryant University
Paige Warfel Quinnipiac University
Libby Tacka Westpoint ARMY
Karen Lapkiewicz Kutztown University
Savanna Krusinsky Millersville
Sammy Lochner St Peters
Katie Fisher West Chester U
Jen Byrne College of New Jersey
Alex Kane Franklin and Marshall
Zoe Hahn Stevens Institure of Tech
Caitlyn Clark Washington College
Siani McNeill West Chester University
Maddie Ireland Widener University
Rachel Ryan Salisbury University
Molly Reynolds Catholic University
Alexis Santarelli Lafayette University
Aleesha Keebe St. Johns University
Kamiah Smalls James Madison University

Comets Class of 2015

Alyssa Monaghan St. Joseph's University
Lexi Stover Rider University
Jordan Ireland NJIT
Megan Eripret Lehigh University
Julia Gantz University of Scranton
Abby Omdahl Loyola University
Maria Kilcullen Loyola University
Casey Warley Bloomsburg University
Meghan Pickell Ithaca College

Comets Alumni GIving - 2018

Thank You families who have donated to the Comets Alum Giving 2018 - we are so very grateful. 

Danielle Callahan Family (Boston U)
Cat Polisano (Fordham) 
Lou and Maggie Polisano
Maggie Connolly Family (Princeton)
Lizzie O'Leary Family (Delaware)
Shannon McFadden Stefanski (Dayton)
Maggie McIntyre Family (Niagara)
Meghan Hubley Family (The Naval Academy)
Jamie Walsh Family  (LaSalle)
Katie Fisher Family (West Chester)
Olivia Mason Family (Niagara)
Katie Mayock Family  (St. Joseph's University)
Myra Sack Family (Dartmouth)
Hailey and Hope Syron Family  (5th and 10th grade)
Kathryn Martin Family (5th grade)
Ali Abbonizio Family (Ursinus)
Fiona Flanagan Family (Drexel)
Coleman Family (8th grade)
Kiernan McCloskey (Lehigh)
Marnie McBreen McErlane (LaSalle)
Carney Family (Jenn - Mt St Marys, Jess and Julie)
Elodie Furey Family (Cornell)
Coley Ricci Family (Delaware)
Sammy Lochner (St. Peters)
Rachel Ryan Family (Salisbury)
Mary Gedaka Family (Villanova)
Nicole's Fight (loving memory of Nicole Schneider Bomberger)


Comets Alumni Annual Giving Fund - 2018

COMETS ALUMNI PLAYERS and PARENTS ANNUAL FUND - 2018 Hello to our alum parents, friends, players and business associates. On this Month of Giving, we ask you to reflect on how the Comets has made a difference for you. Help us keep the #cometsproud motto for our current players and the many young women who will join us in the future and become 'mets for life' We are reaching out for our 2018 annual giving fund for contributions to our general fund to help with gym rental/insurance costs for our program as well as assisting players and travel expenses for our coaches. We currently have 16 Comets Teams ranging from 4th grade to 11th grade. Any donation is 100% tax deductible. (no donation is too small or too big) Our mission has remained the same over the past 35 years; to provide a highly competitive basketball outlet for female student athletes. Our program encompasses ages 9 through 17 and our players come from public, private and parochial schools in your communities. Many of our alumnae are currently playing at the collegiate level helped greatly by the exposure the Comets provided. Check out our Comets alumni list below- its quite impressive over the last 30+ years ! AS you can see our players are thriving at all levels. We are extremely proud of our program with close to 40 current Comets playing at the D1, D2 and D3 levels of college basketball. Our objective is to teach the concept of teamwork, experience the joy of competition, and provide the chance to develop skills on a high level. Most importantly, the Comets are all about the collection of memories and friends that will, indeed, last a lifetime. An investment in the youth of our community today will reap great dividends for our community in the future. We thank you, in advance, for any donation amount and your generosity. To Donate: 1. Click the link above through Paypal or credit card. 2. Checks can be made payable to COMETS and sent to: Comets 1132 Lindale Ave Drexel Hill, PA 19026 or PayPal Name: Comets Girls Basketball Club 3. VENMO -- linda-genther We thank you in advance for your support. You all have helped build the COMETS into a nationally acclaimed girls basketball club. Thank YOU !!

Comets Alumni Giving 2017

Thank You to those families who have donated to the Comets Alum Giving 2017 - we are so very grateful. 

Danielle Callahan Family (Boston U)
Cat Polisano Family (Fordham)
Jenn/Jess/Julie Carney Family (Mount St. Marys/Temple)
Mary Gedaka Family (Villanova)
Maggie McIntyre Family (Niagara)
Paige Warfel Family (Quinnipiac)
Lexi Stover Family (Rider)
Coley Ricci Family (Delaware)
Meg Hubley Family (Navy)
Rachel Ryan Family (Salisbury)
Kristen Hinckley Family (Dartmouth)
Kiernan McCloskey Family (Lehigh)
Bailey Greenberg Family (Drexel)
Hannah Nihill and Family (Drexel)
Shannon McFadden Stefanski Family (Dayton)
Gabby Capuzzi Family  (Ohio State University)
Libby Tacka Family (Army)
Elodie Furey Family (Cornell)
Maggie Connolly Family (Princeton)
Sam Lochner (St. Peter's)  
John McFadden Family (Rutgers)
Colleen Breslin (Providence College)
Kristin Hinckley  Family Foundation(Dartmouth)
Bridget Birkhead Family (Mount St. Marys)

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